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What We Do

Adams Home Inspection co. will check the air conditioning, heater, oven, cooktops, microwave, dishwasher, food waste disposer, trash compactor, range exhaust vents, dryer vents, visible framing, doors & locks, windows & latches, outlets, electrical panels, roof, attic, venting, plumbing & plumbing fixtures, the exterior of the structure, lot grading around the structure, fixtures, switches, interior walls & ceilings, water heater, fireplace’s, foundations, central vac’s, steps/stairs, railing’s, decks & recognized safety hazards & many other items as well.

The entire process will take a minimum of 2-3 hours all the way up to about 5++ hours depending on the size of the structure, the condition of the structure, as well as the components to be inspected.

There are numerous companies out there that do a 45-minute inspection and conducting up to 5 inspections a day. Dont fooled on price that all inspectors are thorough or even competent. Some inspectors don’t get on roofs, don’t remove electrical panel covers, don’t open windows, don’t check interior door locks and latches, and don’t check all accessible outlets. Make sure you find someone who works for you & will do a good job.

We also can inspect Septic Systems, Water Wells, Water Portability, Wood Destroying Insect Inspections, Pier & Beams, Swimming Pools Hot Tubs, Commercial Buildings, FHA Fee Inspections, Termite Treatments, Phase Inspections, stucco evaluations and stucco repair protocols. We also offer Mediations Service, Builder Consultations, Plan Review, Insurance Inspections, Sprinkler Inspections, Multi-Family/Apartments, Chilled Water Systems, Boiler Systems, County Inspections, Educatonal Classes for Builders, Realtors, Inspectors, Building Officials as well as New Home Warranty Inspections and Construction Defect Inspections.

We cover approximately 150 square miles of South Central Texas & in many cases, a trip charge is not applied.

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