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Foundation Watering in the San Antonio Area

Foundation Watering in the San Antonio Area

Home owners certainly have a bunch to take care of on a daily basis, so much so that certain responsibilities can often get lost in the fold, especially with first time home owners. This could be any number of things from a simple indoor task, to home inspection or maintenance issues that simply need to be tended to on a regular basis.

With the heat and dry weather being a problem in the area, foundation watering is often a crucial part of the home maintenance process. Whether you are running a San Antonio apartments complex or are a first time home owner, you will want to follow a watering schedule to help prevent any long run foundation issues with your home.

Having a solid foundation at home is something that is often lost on homeowners in the area. Unfortunately, sometimes a foundation can experience movement that can damage a house. Soil that is expansive often acts like a sponge, absorbing water, and then swelling to lose water as it shrinks down. A controlled watering program can help to put an end to damage from season to season.

A great way to ensure good results is to install a soaker hose a proper distance away from the foundation. It’s important not to have the hose right against the foundation, as this can cause trouble. Water can end up moving through the cracks and accumulate at the bottom. This could end up affecting the tightness of the soil, as well as the sturdiness of the foundation itself.

One necessity during the process of watering the foundation is to invest in a water timer. This is mainly because many people simply forget to consistently water the area. Most times of the year, the timer should be set to water for once a week for about an hour. Obviously the timer itself would also have to be altered based on the current weather conditions.

Certainly, the summertime can boast greater necessity for watering during the dry and hot months of the year. The amount could go up considerably in comparison to the cooler months. Finding the right amount will require comparing an increase in the water bill and the control of the foundation itself. Long term, there will need to be enough water to keep the moisture stable in the soil under the foundation itself.

While foundation watering is just one of the many lawn maintenance issues that could arise as a home owner, it could end up being very crucial, especially in an area that has dry weather throughout the years such as Texas does.

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